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Tamara Auger, MA, LPCC, CMT, NCC, BCPC

Meeting the Highest Standards of My Profession

MA – This is my degree, a Master of Arts, with honors, in Counseling Psychology.

LPCC –These have to do with my license to practice. Every counselor or therapist in NM has to be licensed by the New Mexico Counseling and Therapy Practice Board. The board has several designations of licensure based on training, education, experience, supervision, and testing. LPCC is the highest level of licensure attainable by counselors in NM. I have been licensed as an LPCC since 1994 – the first year licensure was enacted.

CMT – These stand for the designation “Certified Master Therapist” of the American Psychotherapy Association. This is the highest honor that the APA can bestow upon a member and is held by some of the world’s foremost Psychotherapists. I am the only therapist in New Mexico to be awarded this certification.

“The Master Therapist designation is an honor bestowed upon those who have excelled in the understanding and advancement of the field of psychotherapy, demonstrated exceptional contributions to their clients and community, and improved society. It is a clear recognition of their excellence.” – Dr. Daniel Reidenberg, PhD, FAPA, CRS, Master Therapist, Chair, Executive Advisory Board, American Psychotherapy Association

NCC –These letters stand for National Certified Counselor, a credential given by the National Board for Certified Counselors – the largest professional certification board in the country. This, too, is based on education, experience, and successful completion of the NBCC exam.

BCPC –These letters stand for Board Certified Professional Counselor, a certification offered by the American Psychotherapy Association. This certification is awarded on the basis of education, experience, licensure, and the passage of a national exam and an ethics module.

To me, a challenge is an opportunity to do something better, and my work is filled with challenges. Just “getting by” isn’t my way. Obtaining the highest level of licensure possible and professional certifications means I’ve put in the dedication necessary to meet the tougher requirements that such licensure and credentialing requires. While this isn’t necessary, it is something I feel strongly about, out of my commitment to my profession and out of my responsibility to my clients.




Good Therapy




Professional Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LPCC), State of NM #1892

Board Certified:

National Board for Certified Counselors (NCC)

Board Certified Professional Counselor, American Psychotherapy Association (BCPC)


  • Master Therapist designation by the American Psychotherapy Association
  • Fellow status, American Psychotherapy Association
  • Life Member, American Psychotherapy Association
Professional affiliations and interactions are vital. They allow me to meet with others in my field, and to draw from a vast wealth of knowledge, discoveries, and experience. Then, I bring this information back to my practice and use it to help my clients.

Fellow: American Psychotherapy Association

Life Member:

American Psychotherapy Association Professional



Associate Member: American Psychological Association

Chairperson: Ethics Committee, NM Counseling Association, 1996-1997

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